Viscosity Oil: TUTELA SAE 80W-140 Transaxle Fluid - 5 Gallon, Part # 77356QY1US

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VISCOSITY TUTELA® Transaxle Fluid SAE 80W-140 is a multi-functional lubricant which provides smooth, quiet operation for axles of earth moving, wheel loader, and loader backhoe axles. It is also used in axle applications where metals may not be fully compatible with API GL-5 extreme pressure additives.


  • Outstanding protection for gears and bearings under heavy loads, extending components life
  • Exceptional low temperature performance reduces wear at start up, ensuring performance in extreme cold conditions
  • Excellent shield against rusting key components extending equipment life
  • Exceptional frictional properties due to limited slip additives which reduce chatter and improve traction
  • Compatible with most elastomers commonly found in off-highway axle systems

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