RACKS: RACKS360 - Roll Bar Tool Carrying System, Part # RACKS360

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Weighs 6.30 lbs
  • The RACKS360 mounting system rotates 360 degrees to allow tools of many shapes and sizes to be attached securely no matter your rollbar's angle or configuration.
  • This allows you to keep your tools with you wherever you go so you can multi-task efficiently.
  • FITS: Round, Square and Rectangular roll bars
  • Hardware and basic installation tools included
  • Maximum Weight Limits:
    • Top Racks weight limit = 20lbs
    • Bottom Racks weight limit = 20lbs
  • Fits the following Rollbar sizes:
    • 2” round & up to 2 1/2" round
    • 2” square
    • 1.5 x 3 (Mounts on 3” side of roll bar)
    • 2" x 3 (Mounts on 3” side of roll bar)
  • Install Instructions
  • Dealer Application

Installation Tips & Tricks

Ease of Installation
(5 minutes)
I needed to use longer bolts because my rops was wider but no big deal works fine looks good also
Dundalk, MD

(10 minutes)
No spacers were required for my Kubota B3200. The only suggestion I have is that I put a 3/8" external toothed star washer between each knob and the flat washers, just because there's a lot of vibration on tractors and it seemed like a good idea to prevent things from vibrating loose. Other than that, it was very straight-forward.

Would have been 15 minutes except I didn't know that you had to seat the nuts inside the unit by screwing in the bolts prior to assembling the unit. That wasn't in the direction. Had to call for technical support. They need to add that step to the instructions.
(25 minutes)
Had to route the wires running to my lights