Kubota Accessories: 18X8.50-10 R14 Tire & Rim Assembly, Part # ABXR8663

Kubota Accessories: 18X8.50-10 R14 Tire & Rim Assembly

Part Number ABXR8663
Vendor Kubota Accessories
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Classification Kubota Tractor Accessories
Weight 20.00 lbs

The all new industry-exclusive R14 tire is a versatile tread choice. The R14 tire features a more aggressive tread pattern for an increased range of applications than the R4 (industrial) tires and R1 (Ag) tires, making this the perfect choice for snow, ice, turf, or muddy conditions.

  • 18X8.50-14 tire Size
  • 4 Lug
  • 6 Ply
  • Fits: Kubota BX60/70/80 Series
  • Directional tire.  Please select proper side when checking out(side determined if you're sitting on the operators seat)
  • Click here for Rear Tires

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