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FPPF  >   Fuel Treatments  >   00162
#00162 Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula

#00162 Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula

This part is no longer available, it has been replaced with an updated item.
Product has been replaced by 00189  

WITH XP-100 – Specifically Formulated For All Gasoline and All Ethanol Gasoline Blends Including E-85

  • Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula is the finest fuel additive for Ethanol and Gasoline blends on the market today. This formula is unlike all other gasoline additive products. It contains 100% active ingredients and provides multifunctional benefits to improve engine performance and save you money.
  • Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula can be used in all Marine gasoline engines and does not invalidate manufacturer’s warranties. Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula contains the most potent Octane booster on the market today and will increase Octane up to 10 points or more.
  • FPPF’s Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula helps prevent all the potential problems associated with ethanol and gas/ethanol blends. These problems include excessive filter plugging, water accumulation in the fuel tank, fuel deterioration and aging, tank corrosion and ethanol/gasoline/water fuel phasing and separation.
  • This product is the result of extensive R&D and the latest cutting-edge advancements in chemical fuel additive technology from around the world. FPPF’s Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula contains 100% active ingredients.

Product Benefits:

  • Totally absorbs water in all gasoline, ethanol/gasoline blends
  • Controls the buildup of varnish, gum, and sludge in the entire fuel system
  • Prevents corrosion in all fuels including ethanol and ethanol/gasoline blends
  • Cleans fuel injectors and the entire fuel system
  • Stabilizes fuel and reduces fuel oxidation
  • Helps to reduce potential fuel/water phasing
  • Improves fuel mileage in all vehicles using ethanol, gasoline, and/or ethanol/gasoline blends
  • Reduces emissions and helps engine pollution control systems operate properly
  • Increases engine efficiency and power
  • Can be used in all gasoline engines including automotive, marine, gas heavy duty, and gasoline generators
  • Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula comes in an easy to use bottle. Great value and convenience!

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