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Trust Messick's when it comes to equipment support. We stock, service and support all Husqvarna equipment. Our Parts department stocks thousands of different parts plus standard hardware and filters all to keep you up and running. Try our online tools to find the parts for your particular machine. If you need help finding specific part numbers call us at <b>877-260-3528</b> or email <a href=\"\"></a>.<br><br>Unlike other retailers, we never substitute a Husqvarna part with a generic knock off. You can trust that the parts your buying form Messick's will fit and perform like they where intended.

#588646001 Forest helmet, Technical


2 In Stock

Weight: 0.00 lbs
  • Newly designed, sturdy yet lightweight protective helmet with ear protection
  • The helmet can be adjusted in several ways to suit your particular needs
  • A new, innovative ventilation system generates a comfortable temperature for your head
  • The visor has been re-designed for better protection of your face and, above all, give you perfect visibility both when folded up or down
  • Hearing protection with FM radio is optional and a head lamp slot is integrated into the helmet

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