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FREE SHIPPING! Get an Ironcraft Rototiller or Flail Mower for less.

Neil from Messick’s here and boy, do I have a deal for you? Join me here today and we're going to walk around some of our iron craft inventory, show you some of the tillers and flail mowers that we have in stock. We’re going to try to sell you something today. Maybe we're going to find out that one of these is going to make sense behind your tractor.
As Messick’s has grown throughout the years, we continue to take care of more of the tractor needs for people around the country. We've done it for parts for a very, very long time now and we're dabbling in doing implements and attachments now. You can check out the new equipment site It has been completely redesigned to be a lot more convenient to shop on. You are going to find a lot of the stuff that we have in stock along with pricing for everything.
Many of you who are watching these videos always want to know what things cost. I can't often put it on videos, because the videos are here for years and prices change, but is always current and we are building out the infrastructure that it takes in order to provide nationwide availability of a lot of the attachments and the equipment that we sell.
One of the first things that we're going to start getting pretty aggressive with here is what we have in stock from IronCraft. Now coming through the pandemic, when dealer inventories went to near zero, we placed orders to several of our vendors, sometimes for 12, and 18, and 24 months’ worth of inventory to get our stock levels back to where they need to be. We overdid it a little bit with rototillers and flail mowers. We have them from a number of different suppliers, but we've got some IronCraft inventory that's starting to age a little bit.
Now that age might come along with a little bit of a rough spot here and there on the end of a bolt, but you're going to be buying 2022 inventory that's going to be at a little lower expense, but less inflation involved there than what you're going to see today. Going to walk you around here, show you some pieces, talk about some prices, maybe talk about some of that free shipping that we all want to hear. Join me here today. We'll see if we've got a deal for you.
Now we use IronCraft as a value brand here at Messick's. If you look at the positioning of the different companies that are out there, and in the family of brands that we offer here, we tend to use the companies like Woods and Land Pride, the good domestic companies with decades of implement-building experience as kind of our high-end brands. Good quality equipment, very well built and domestic companies that use a lot more domestic parts that hopefully as years go by, you're going to be able to source say a gearbox or a shaft for something if it happens to break.
IronCraft, so we're going to use as a value brand. Now this is not equipment that is actually manufactured by IronCraft. Even though you see their name on the side of it, they source these rototillers from another company in India. Now, we're going to come through with 30%, 40% less money than those domestic brands do. For an implement that many people are only going to put in the ground maybe once or twice a year, sometimes that's a trade-off worth making. You'd accept a little bit lower price knowing that you have something that may not be built quite as well, maybe not quite to the same quality standards and with the same level of parts support as the big domestic brands, so know that that is the way that we tend to position IronCraft here at Messick's.
This company's name is worth watching too. You're going to see in the B roll here probably a mix of names on the things that are out here. This company used to be Titan Implement and recently renamed themselves to IronCraft in order to draw a little bit of a distinction from Titan Attachments who sells a lot of very poor quality stuff online with questionable customer service. This is a company that is based in Tennessee. There's domestic US people here who back this stuff. We're quite happy with them, but we are selling what is imported products here and you can tell based upon all the metal crates that these things are in.
We're going to have tiller options anywhere from 50 inches on up to 84 inches. Now the small 50-inch tiller starts as low as $1,775. Now that model is a chain drive tiller. It's a little bit lighter tiller than what the rest of the product series is. We're going to have gear drive ones in 48 inches at $2,195, 60 inches at $2,575, 72 inches at $2,999, or 84 inches at $3,895. Anywhere from a 50-inch to an 84-inch tiller, we have a right-priced option for you.
Beside me here is a stack of Titan flail mowers. You've seen these on the channel here quite a bit. I own an FL-165 myself. We stock these in two main sizes, about a 52-inch at $2,450 or the larger 65-inch at $2,850. Now these do not come out of India. These are made in Italy by a company called Cosmo and then brought over and branded with IronCraft. You're going to find that most flail mowers actually come out of either Italy or China, one of the two places. Obviously, the ones coming out of Italy are of the better quality. There tends to be a little bit better quality parts on them. You're going to recognize name brands on gearboxes and that kind of stuff. If you need to replace some parts decades down the road, it's going to be a little bit easier. So a brand that we think highly of. I've used my flail mower all the time. I'm not easy on it and it's held up remarkably well.
Now, I teased some free shipping at the beginning of this. As most of you are probably thinking and aware, shipping is never free. There's always some costs and underlying things associated with it. Now we're going to be eating the cost of a lot of the shipping in order to help move a little bit older inventory, but we're doing it for those of you that are east of the Mississippi. If you're east of the Mississippi, we are providing free commercial shipping to all of you.
If you're in a Central state, we need $149 because we're going a little bit further and if you're all the way out on the West Coast, or the most Northern states, those are the most expensive places to ship from us here in Pennsylvania, we're asking for $249, so some fairly reasonable amounts to get that out to you.
Now, those are both for commercial shipping to a business with eight to five hours in a loading dock or for you to go and pick it up from a local freight terminal and we can help find one near you. Once your item arrives there at the terminal, you have three to four days to show up there and they will load it into the back of your truck. If you would like residential delivery, there's an additional $149 charge in order for a truck to come to your home. Now that truck is just going to show up, they may not schedule a time, and there's an expectation that you are still able in order to get the implement from the back of the truck and lower it down to the ground.
If you would like to schedule a time or need them to be able to lower it to the ground for you, there's an additional $75 charge for a lift gate. Those charges for a residential delivery and a lift gate would apply to those of you in our free shipping zone here across the East Coast. There's going to be some maps around here that allow you to see your individual state and exactly what zone you might fall into, but I think we probably have a pretty good proposition here that we can get a really good value implement out to you.
My goodness, to pick up a 52-inch tiller for $1,775 commercially shipped out there, even if you're going to pick up an extra $175 in delivery charges, under $2,000, we can get a rototiller to your door for your BX. I think that's cool. I hope we could do a lot more of it in the future. If you're shopping for a piece of equipment and we can help or if you have parts or service needs for a machine you've already got, give us a call at Messick’s, we're available at 800-222-3373 or online at


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