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Kuhns Bale Accumulator

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Kuhns Bale Accumulator

Neil from Messick's here to share a really cool hay equipment video with you today. This video has over 11 million views on Facebook so far. It's really fun to watch this mechanical hay accumulator work. Today, we're going to show you the video of our customer here running it out in a Hershey and explain to you some of the ways that hay accumulators can make your farm a little bit more profitable and productive. The video that you're watching here is a hay accumulator from a company called Kuhns. This is a mechanical hay accumulator. It's a very simple device that sits behind your baler and collects the square bales as they come out of the back of the shoot and then drops them, plinko-style, down into these areas where they're going to accumulate. And then once they're all full, a mechanical lever drops an arm and all of them will come down onto the ground. We do a lot of different hay equipment here at Messick's.

It is our bread and butter when it comes to the kind of customers we serve and equipment that we stock. We have several different kinds of accumulators, but what makes this one really cool and really special is its mechanical nature. As these bales drop down into the shoots, you'll notice how it diverts them one way or the other in order to fill all of the slots and they all drop out the back. That's done without any kind of hydraulics or computerization or some of the mechanics that we're going to find on other types of hay bale accumulators. Now, once all the bales have filled up and they all drop out the back, they need to be collected and taken to your barn. We've got some other attachments that we use in order to do that. Once the accumulator has dropped all the bales on the ground, you now need to pick them up and transport them back to your barn, right? And if you've got to go out and pick them up one at a time, well, it might save you the walking back and forth to collect them all, but you've still got a lot of hand work to go to pick them all up. 

But there is a better way, right? A hay grapple like this is made in different sizes to match the output of your accumulator. You're going to come over with your tractor, set your hay grapple over top of the square bales, actuate your hydraulics, which flips a series of hooks down into the bale to grab a hold of it. And then you're able to pick up this whole collection of bales at one time with your tractor and stack them onto a trailer in order to go over to your barn. It creates a huge labor savings, right?  At a time it's really difficult to go and find the people to do the hand work with bales. A couple of simple attachments like this can go a long way to eliminating a lot of labor from the practice of handling and producing small bales. So that's a little bit of footage of the Kuhns bale accumulator. Ag equipment is our bread and butter here at Messick's. We've got a huge variety of different accumulators available that are going to make your operation more profitable and productive, require a little bit less labor, which is hard for all of us anymore, right? 

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