Hay Tools

Messick's offers a complete range of round balers and can service the hobbiest or production farmer with fairly priced and quality built balers by Krone, New Holland and Kubota.

Krone SW710T Twin Rotor Hay

This is a model Krone SW710T is a twin rudder hay rake. A few of the benefits and features of this rake are that you can rake two rows together or you can rake two individual rows. The way this is accomplished is there are a set of hoses on the front of this rake.

Krone KW552 Walk Around and Review

Today we're going to look at the four rotor Krone Hay Tedder as well as the six rotor Krone Hay Tedder. We'll go over a few features and benefits of these tedders. We have here the Krone KW552 four rotor tedder.

New Holland H7230 Discbine

We're going to start at the front of the machine here. This machine, particular one is a 540 power take-off shaft. This machine is also equipped with what we call the drawbar swivel hitch. What that is, is it's a double gearbox, it's a gearbox on the gearbox here. Once hooked to your tractor through this latch system, you are able to turn at any angle and your driveline stays centered with the machine. What that eliminates is any driveline chatter and the possible failure of your driveline from binding from turning to tight. This will let you pivot in any direction eliminating driveline failure for you in the future.

Review of the New Holland RB450 Round Baler

I'd like to introduce to you to the New Holland RB-450 Round Baler. 

Introducing the New Kubota M5-111 Tractor

Our typical customer for this tractor tends to be a small hay operator, hobby farm, small farmer for looking for a utility tractor. Generally, Kubotas do best in haying and loader applications. This tractor is an incremental step through the rest of the M series so it's replacing the M8560 and the M9960.

Kubota TE4052T Tedder Walk Around

Neil: Neil from Messick's here. We’re out today with a Kubota hay tedder. Joining me is Anthony Rhodes, my local Kubota hay tools product specialist. We do a quick walk around this piece here to show you some of the features and functions of it. I talked a little bit about hay tedders, what they do and why you should use one. If you watch a lot of our YouTube videos, we do videos on construction equipment and compact tractors and zero turn mowers and all kinds of stuff but if you've not been initiated to hay tools before you might think that a rake and a tedder look very similar but they actually have very different functions. Anthony, what is the difference between a rake and tedder?

Kubota RA2071T EVO Rotary Rake Walk Around & Review

Neil: Neil from Messick's here, we’re out today with the Kubota hay rake, joining me here today is Anthony Rhodes, our Kubota hay tools product specialist. We're going to do a quick walk around this piece here, show you some of its features and functions and have a conversation about what customer might be best served by a rake like this.

Kubota BV4160 Round Baler Walk Around and Review

Back in 2012, Kubota purchased a Kverneland Group, which we primarily knew here in the US as Vicon. Those pieces were sold as Vicon and, also, under a whole bunch of different manufacturers, painted different colors, but Kubota is now the owner of that company, the owner of all that technology and assets. Hay rakes, tedders, disc mowers, those kinds of things, you will see a lot of commonality with Vicon equipment. However, the baler is different.

New Holland H7230 Discbine Walk Around

Today we're going to look at the New Holland nine and 10 foot discbines

NEW Oxbo 2334 Triple Merger

Behind me is the new model 2334 pull-type triple merger. This new merger is loaded with new features that add productivity, versatility and efficiency to the hay harvesting operation. 

New Holland FP230 Forage Harvester

We're here today to talk to you about a New Holland pull type forage harvester. The one we have here is a New Holland FP230. We want to talk about is what customers use a pull type forage harvester. Some people think it's a dying industry, because of the self propelled machines and the capabilities of them.

New Holland BC5060 Small Square Baler Walk Around and Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the New Holland Small Square Baler. This is a great implement for your horse farms, your smaller dairy farms, and beef farms, anyone that has to handle small square bales by hand.

Kubota M5L-111 Overview and Walk-Around

One of the things you cannot miss about this machine is the profile of it. You can see as I stand here beside it, this is a much lower tractor that you typically would find in a 111 horsepower machine. You can also notice the huge set of tires that are on this machine here in the front and the back. These tractors are typically sold into two unique applications a one that is in the orchards where they need a load machine to get underneath the low branches and also into poultry and chicken houses where they're typically dealing with lower height rubes, they need a high horsepower machine that they can fit inside the barn.

New Holland 313 Discbine with NEW cutter bar. Shock Pro Hub and Quick Change Knife Demo.

We're here to talk about the New Holland 313 Discbine and the advantages of the new cutter bar on this machine. We're going to start discussing the features and benefits of the new cutter bar on the 313 Discbine. If you are a current owner of a New Holland Discbine, you understand that New Holland has a modular cutter bar which is an individual gear box for each hub with a spacer, another gear box and so on down the line. That is continued on the new 313 Discbine cutter bar. The biggest difference is, is the cutter bar is expanded by about 20% in size. Each component tree is bigger. We have an eight disc cutter bar.

History of NH Small Square Balers

I'm Brian Messick with Messick Farm Equipment. Today, we're going to talk about small square balers. Specifically, we're going to try to highlight some of the differences in the New Holland small square balers through the years. We're going to look at a New Holland 326 baler that was built back in the early '80s. It was the highest capacity baler at the time, and the largest small square baler New Holland made. 

Hay Bale Handling for Consumers. How big of a tractor? What spear is best?

Neil from Messicks here today to have a quick conversation with you about hay bales, and specifically the weights of bales and the efficient ways in order to handle them. Can really have this conversation with two different groups of people, both the producers of hay bales and the consumers of them. This video is really going to be geared towards the consumer of the bale itself, so I'm going to walk through here with you a little bit and tell you how to handle these things around your farm. 

Quick change knives on a New Holland discbine

Hi. I'm Brian Messick with Messick farm equipment. We're here to talk about the quick change knife on the new 200 Series Discbine that New Holland just produced. This is about as quick and as simple as it gets. 

Hay Tools | Wheel vs Rotary Rakes

We're going to talk about today raking. We're going to hit a couple of things. We're going to talk about a wheel rake which is this is a carted style rake. We're going to look at some other type of wheel rakes and then we're going to talk about some rotary rakes. We're going to tell you what we feel is what's best for what operation, try to answer those questions that say, "What rakes for me? What's the best rake out there and why should I choose this rake?"

Ride Along: Raking Hay with Rick's Custom Baling

One of the most important jobs that are done in the field is by the rake operator. We headed to the field with Rich from Rick's Custom Baling and rode with him while he opened up some fields, made some windrows with his Krone twin rotary rake. 

Old school hay making. Is there still a place for a Haybine?

In front of me here is an older sickle bar mower with a roll conditioner in the back of it, an older used Gale piece that we have floating around here. You're going to see equipment like this often out on used yards, but still available new today as well. And this is old technology. Most machines today are going to be more of a disc mower-type with spinning blades underneath of it. But these things continue to be sold today, continue to be available on our used lot, and there's actually some applications for this that you may not be aware of, cases where that today's latest and greatest may not necessarily be the best implement behind your tractor. So we're going to talk today about the value of a Haybine®.

Kuhns Bale Accumulator

Neil from Messick's here to share a really cool hay equipment video with you today. This video has over 11 million views on Facebook so far. It's really fun to watch this mechanical hay accumulator work. Today, we're going to show you the video of our customer here running it out in a Hershey and explain to you some of the ways that hay accumulators can make your farm a little bit more profitable and productive. The video that you're watching here is a hay accumulator from a company called Kuhns. This is a mechanical hay accumulator. It's a very simple device that sits behind your baler and collects the square bales as they come out of the back of the shoot and then drops them, plinko-style, down into these areas where they're going to accumulate. And then once they're all full, a mechanical lever drops an arm and all of them will come down onto the ground. We do a lot of different hay equipment here at Messick's.

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