Competitive Comparisons

We feel strongly that Messick's and our vendors can stand on our own without having to talk down competitors. That said, equipment shoppers seem hungry for competitive comparisons done from a more objective perspective.

Kubota BX vs John Deere 1-Series

Kubota often takes a conservative stance when it comes to comparing to other products. They stepped out a bit with this video, and did a great job of point out actual factual differences.

John Deere 4M Series vs. Kubota MX Compact Utility Tractors

To start, we're going to look exactly what tractor we're comparing to. In the case of this machine over here, this is John Deere 4052M. A 52 horsepower economy version of this tractor.If we work through the options that Deere uses to compare on to the Kubota tractor, you'll notice that they compare this 4052 to a Kubota 4760. I'm giving themselves a small edge in horsepower, but picking a transmission that's actually a lot more simplistic than the Kubota equipment. You won't find those differences if you work your way down through the spec sheet.

Mahindra 4550 Competitive Comparison

Tractors have improved and come a long way in the last 50 years. Somehow this thing has been stuck in its own little time capsule and not progressed with the rest of the industry.

John Deere 1-Series vs Kubota BX

John Deere 1-Series vs Kubota BX

Treadle pedal VS. Twin touch pedal

We're going to have a short talk about one of the most decisive topics in the tractor community; twin touch pedals versus a treadle pedal.

Kubota BX-B-L-MX-M | What series is right for you?

Neil from Messick's here to talk through with you today on the different series of tractors that Kubota makes. I spent the better part of about the last three years making fairly regular videos on these different models and their features and functionality. Consider this the index. If you have no idea where to start in your tractor buying process, this is where you're going to want to begin. We'll get you honed in here to the right series tractor for your application. 

TESTED - Turf VS. R4 - Snow Traction

We very frequently hear from customers how well turf tires can perform in the snow and something you wouldn't necessarily expect because of them not cleaning out so well. We're going to actually put some numbers to that here today

TESTED - Surprising traction differences between R4 \\ R14 \\ Bar-Turf

Neil from Messick's here today out on a beautiful spring day to do some tire testing for you. We're going to bring down three of Kubota's B Series tractors, one with R4 tires, one with the new R14 and one with this hybrid zig-zag pattern I've had for a while, hook them up to the load cell and measure exactly what the tractive difference is between these tire options. 

A hydraulic fluid so bad, its been banned!

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three-Minute Thursday. Today's short conversation is going to be about a recent news article that I came across referencing a discontinued hydraulic oil from 1974 that you'll still find on store shelves today. 


Today, we're going to go through our third filter cutting that we've done using a new Holland oil filter. This would be the most common oil filter in the new Holland system. Then we're intentionally choosing a really inexpensive filter to compare it to this time

Kubota LX vs Standard L

I've gotten to spend about the last two months putting significant hours on both my LX3310 and an L2501, which have a lot of things in common, but also a lot of differences and so we're going to go around and talk a little bit about my seat time here for the last two months.

Are we competing against our neighbor? | Tractor Supply & Messick's Mt Joy

We've just completed a move from our main store in Elizabethtown, just six miles down the road to Mount Joy. And it has been an enormous move. The amount of things in a dealership that have to get transferred down here, parts and equipment and all the stuff that's sold, things that are being repaired. It's a monumental task. And while we're here and operating here now and serving customers here, we still have some unpacking to do.

The business of imported Chinese implements.

 I'm going to tell you a little bit of a story, a process that I've gone through here over the last six months, diving in and understanding the business of Chinese imported implements. It probably is no surprise to you that a lot of the things that you see stacked up in metal crates like this, are not built in the United States. A lot of these things are going to be built overseas, slapped into these metal frame crates, and packed in shipping containers and sent across the ocean from all kinds of different countries of origin.

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