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We offer field and orchard sprayers from New Holland, Miller / Fast, Turbo Mist and more. If your in the market for a sprayer to keep your orchard or fields blooming then Messick's can help you find the right one to fit your needs.

Kubota M5L-111 Overview and Walk-Around

One of the things you cannot miss about this machine is the profile of it. You can see as I stand here beside it, this is a much lower tractor that you typically would find in a 111 horsepower machine. You can also notice the huge set of tires that are on this machine here in the front and the back. These tractors are typically sold into two unique applications a one that is in the orchards where they need a load machine to get underneath the low branches and also into poultry and chicken houses where they're typically dealing with lower height rubes, they need a high horsepower machine that they can fit inside the barn.

New Kubota M4N-071 Narrow Vineyard Orchard Tractor

This is a narrow series tractor targeted towards vineyards and orchards. Let's take a quick walk around here and show you some of the features of this machine. Kubota has actually been without narrow tractors here for almost three years. Part of the reason for that is because tractors have recently gone through some major emissions changes, now requiring diesel particulate filters under 75 horsepower in order to meet tier four final.

Turbo Mist Orchard Sprayer walk around and review

Today, we're going to go over a little bit about the Turbo-mist sprayers which are a line of orchard sprayers that we sell. They are made in Canada by a company called Slimline Manufacturing. This particular one is a 38 inch fan, I say fan it's actually a turbine style sprayer as opposed to your axial fan. It's a PTO driven and is not a self driven sprayer. It's a pull behind a standard orchard tractor

Field Sprayer Maintenance Tips

Hi, David from Messick's here with today's three-minute Thursday. Today we're going to talk about some helpful hints and tricks that'll help you with your sprayers out in the field. 

Awesome FAST sprayer | Raven Hawkeye | 2400 gallon, 120' Boom, Tracks!

Hey, guys, Neil from Messick's. I made a mistake on a video, a really cool one, and I'm totally bummed out about it. We shot this new fast sprayer that we were just out here delivering to a customer and accidentally plugged the microphones into the headphone jack. We shot this whole video and go no audio off of it at all. I'm going to narrate here a little bit about this machine, and you can watch some of the stitched in clips here in between. 

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