Used Equipment

Knowing what to look for on a used piece of equipment can help you ensure your making a good investment.

How To Evaluate A Used Small Square Baler

Today, we are here, we are going to talk about how we evaluate a used piece of equipment and what we look for when we go out to trade one in and the type of conditions that it is. 

How To Evaluate A Used New Holland Rolabar Hay Rake

Today, we're going to talk about a used 258 New Holland Hay Rake. and what we look at to determine value on this. The first thing when we walk up to the rake, we grab the bars, we shake them, we turn them. We make sure that bearings aren't out, we make sure the teeth aren't that bent that they rub along the bars. We do that with each every single one of these to make sure that bearings are good in it.

How To Evaluate A Used Tractor

We’ll have a short conversation today about some of the things to look at if you’re considering a used tractor.

I Got BURNED! | 5 Mistakes I Made Buying Equipment on Auction

With the record level of demand that we see right now for machinery, we bought a limited number of machines, maybe 50 or 60 or so in the last year off of auctions. And I've had a couple of surprises. I'm going to walk you around some of these machines here this morning, show you the tractors. We buy machines in one of two main places. One of them is repossession auctions. Now these are generally dealership only auctions, where we have a good thorough description of the machine from a third party company who inspects it. But oftentimes they miss things, right? Or something seems to work properly when they put the key in the ignition, when it gets here though sometimes it's a different story. I've had some surprises here probably about one in five of these machines is not what it was made out to be.

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