Field & Operation Videos

Videos of our customers operating their equipment in the field

Krone Big M in the field

We have a handful of these out, amazing machines.

Krone Big-X 630 Forage Harvester in Wind Damaged Corn

Krone Big-X 630 in wind damaged corn. 10-row EasyCollect gathering header sweeping the field clean.

Kubota M5-111 LP and B2650 (Customer Testimonial)

As you can see we've been Kubota customers for quite a while. Here's our older 3430 we use. For smaller tasks, we have smaller implements to use like this wash rig. We don't need a lot of horsepower, 35 horsepower range. It works great around the farm.

Rototillers | Buying tips, maintenance and operation

Neil from Messick's here, out to talk to you today about rototillers and everything you probably ever wanted to know, and then some. We're going to talk through four different things here with you today. We're going to talk through the features of a rototiller if you happen to be shopping for one. The operation of one, if you're actually outputting it into the dirt. The process that you need to go through in order to attach it onto your tractor, and some maintenance tips if you own one today. 

Installing a french drain with a Kubota BX23S

Neil from Messsicks here out to do a little bit of backyard work with you today. One of the fun things is when you have a tractor-based YouTube channel is that all the projects that you need to get done at home become videos. If you come along with me here today we're going to do a little bit of work. I've got an area here that someday I'm hoping to have as part of my backyard. 

Ride Along: Raking Hay with Rick's Custom Baling

One of the most important jobs that are done in the field is by the rake operator. We headed to the field with Rich from Rick's Custom Baling and rode with him while he opened up some fields, made some windrows with his Krone twin rotary rake. 

Meyer CrossFire SXR500 Manure Spreader Demo

We're out here today with a Meyer CrossFire, and the model is an SXR500 which would mean 500 bushels heaped. A little more precise would be 324 cubic feet struck. It's 540 PTO drive, a chain drive in the front, driving two augers in the bottom, going to the rear discharging at the rear, and then a top auger that's keeping your load level. 

MK Martin Meteor Snow Blower

Yes, I love snow. I love snow. I have been wanting to make this video for literally weeks now, and we've got about three inches and I can get out and finally do it. A couple things about the snow. This inverted snowblower is awesome. I got this beautiful rooster tail of snow out here behind me. With this light snow, I can almost run in high range. It clears snow as fast as what I can drive it. Yeah, this is high. I'm showing more snow. I want you to go on this path. The setup is nice. I really like the adjustment, being able to change the direction using my third function rocker, except for one thing. The spout turns over 180 degrees, so I've covered myself with snow here once or twice by over-rotating it.

Kuhns Bale Accumulator

Neil from Messick's here to share a really cool hay equipment video with you today. This video has over 11 million views on Facebook so far. It's really fun to watch this mechanical hay accumulator work. Today, we're going to show you the video of our customer here running it out in a Hershey and explain to you some of the ways that hay accumulators can make your farm a little bit more profitable and productive. The video that you're watching here is a hay accumulator from a company called Kuhns. This is a mechanical hay accumulator. It's a very simple device that sits behind your baler and collects the square bales as they come out of the back of the shoot and then drops them, plinko-style, down into these areas where they're going to accumulate. And then once they're all full, a mechanical lever drops an arm and all of them will come down onto the ground. We do a lot of different hay equipment here at Messick's.

What to consider when choosing a spreader Pikrite Spreader at Weaver Family Farm in Hershey, PA

The video that you're going to see here while I'm talking is from Weaver Family Farms here in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They recently picked up a new Pikrite Spreader from us, a really impressive large machine. We're going to talk a little bit here today about spreaders. If you're shopping for one, some of the things that you might want to look at to make sure you're buying the right machine for your farm. The most important consideration if you're buying a spreader is the way that it lays the material down on the ground. You're going to look for a nice even discharge of the material being thrown out the back of the spreader, right? If you're going out as throwing out clumps, for example, you can overapply in certain areas, you can kill the crop that's trying to come up underneath of it.

Stump removal made easy - BaumaLight Stump Planer

A stump planer is going to drill this stump much in the same way that a spade bit would in the end of your drill. This is an interesting attachment to me for a couple of reasons. When we look at things for our rental fleet, we're often looking for attachments that are going to help our customers have more value from their base unit. I'm not necessarily looking just to rent things and have the reoccurring revenue, but look for things that also add greater value to the attachments that you own, to the things that you would like to be able to use here and there, but can't justify yourself to own. And so I like this thing for that reason.

Ride Along New Holland Self Propelled Sprayer

Neil rides with Steve of Wen Crest Farms in his New Holland self-propelled sprayer. They discuss both the features of the new machine and the techniques of an experienced operator.

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