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Quick change knives on a New Holland discbine

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Hi. I'm Brian Messick with Messick farm equipment. We're here to talk about the quick change knife on the new 200 Series Discbine that New Holland just produced. This is about as quick and as simple as it gets. 


Brian: On your machine, you're going to have one of these black little tools here, it's your knife-changing tool. What you're going to want to do is get your knife facing out straight away from your cutter bar like you see here. You'll notice you have your turtle shell and a knife holder plate underneath here. You're going to want to insert your tool right in between there, and we're going to push down with a couple of pounds of force. You'll slide it in and you'll push down. 


Now, you'll need to wiggle your knife because there's going to be hay and wrapped around there. You wiggle your knife, you get it down, and you pull it out. Done. The knife's gone. Some things people have asked is, "Can I use my old knife? What knives can I use?" Things like that. No, you cannot use your old knife. The reason being is, your old knife has a square edge here on the back of the knife. 


If you notice, these are rounded. They have to be rounded. They have to be able to swing in the spring componentry that's back underneath here that we can't see. You cannot use your old knife. You have to use the new quick-change knives. No, they're not any more expensive than the previous knife. Once you get your knife out, you get a new knife, you're going to push back down, you're going to insert it in, you're just going to line it up and close it. Make sure the knife swings, that the plate is locked. Now, you can move on to the next one, and that's as easy as it gets. 


That's how we change the knife on the new 210 Discbine. Again, it doesn't really get any easier than that. If you have any questions or need any parts, service, you need knives for your new Discbine or a new Discbine, please give us a call at 1800-222-3373, or visit us on the web at Thank you. 

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