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Used Sprayers

Most dealers are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and information reflect the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

Used Pull-Type & 3 Point Sprayers 8

used farm sprayers from Messicks, Miller Nitro specialists

Used Self Propelled Sprayers 3

used self propelled sprayers

Miller - 7310
2020 model year self propelled sprayer with 1200 gallon stainless steel product tank, 6.7L FPT engine with 310 hp., 641 engine hours, self reversing fan, 70/120' truss boom with 3 way nozzle bodies on 15" centers, rear boom section, Viper IV touch screen screen display, Raven XRT boom height control w/ 5 sensors, 10 section controller, stainless steel chemical inductor with jug rinse, 150 gallon rinse tank with auto rinse, poly chasis pans, 2" quick fill, luxury cab with leather air ride, heated and cooled seat, 12 volt cooler, blue tooth radio, charcoal cab filter, electric mirrors, premium lighting, 320/90R50 tires, 4 wheel planetary drive, 35 mph road speed, 4 wheel steering, hydraulic leg widening 120" - 160", foam markers, boom blow-out system View Details
Millerpro - 2200HT
2003 Nitro S. P. Sprayer with 4297 hours, 200 HP Cummins Engine, 3 speed Hydrostatic drive, 1200 gal. Stainless Steel Product Tank, 65gal. Foam Tank (no foam plumbing), 110 gal. Fresh Water, 2" Quick Fill, Chemical inductor, 60/90' Boom with 3-way Nozzle Bodies on 15" Centers, Raven 460 Controller, Aux. Lighting, 4-Wheel Drive with Wet Disc Brakes, 380/90R46 Tires, Air Conditioning Works, Back-up Camera, Radio View Details
New Holland - SP.300F
2016 Self-Propelled Sprayer 3697 hours, 310hp. Cummins Diesel, MW24 High-Torque Wheel Drive Motors, 380/90/46 Tires, Poly Fenders,1400 gal. Stainless Steel Product Tank, 60/90 Spray Boom with Hawkeye Nozzle Control System on 15" Centers, Boom Blow-out System, Individual Section Boom Control with Viper-IV Controller and GPS, Accu-Boom, Ultra-Glide with Extra Sensors, Auto Boom-Shut Off, Auto-Flush, Chemical Inductor with Jug Rinse, Rotating Beacon, 4-Wheel Drive with Wet Disc Brakes, 210gpm Pump. Water Proof Sprayer Parts Box. Flow Meter on Quick Fill, 4-Wheel Steering with Cameras, Chassis Pans, Hi-Intesity Lighting. Fence Row Nozzles, Rear Boom, Windshield has a crack and has been cracked for several years. View Details
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