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    Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
    Check Point 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 Interval Capacity
    Engine Oil Filter x x x x x x x 100
    Engine Oil x x x x x x x 100 3 qts
    Transmission Oil Filter x x x 200
    Transmission Fluid x x x 200 3.5 qts
    Hydraulic Filter x x x x 200
    Fuel Filter x 400
    Air Filter Yearly
    Fan Belt (adjust) x x x x x x 100
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    Q: Is there a Transmission rebuild kit

    There is a new transmission rebuild kit that comes with the 3 gears, seals, shaft, bearings and hardware to mount.  Please see the picture for part number K1254-95211 on the Frequently used parts to see picture of kit.  The clutch will not come with the kit.   You will also need to buy silicon sealant 07935-60074

    answered by mwi on 9/9/2014
    Q: What oil do I use in the Disc Modules?

    Messick's uses 80W90 GL4 or GL5.

    answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
    Q: How much oil is in the Disc Modules?

    They hold approximately 10 OZ of oil.

    answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
    Q: How often should I change the oil in the modules?

     Every 300 hours or yearly, which ever comes first.

    answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
    Q: Can I put a Shock Pro Hub on the drive modules?

     No. Shock Pro can not be used on the drive modules.

    answered by BLK on 11/19/2014