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Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
Check Point 50 100 200 400 Interval HR Capacity
Engine Oil X X X X 100 3.4 Qts.
Engine Oil Filter X X X 200
Transmission Fluid X X 200 4.2 Qts
Transmission Oil Filter X X X 200
Air Filter Yearly
Fuel Filter X 400 2 Used
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Q: Dose Kubota offer a transmission up grade kit for the ZD18, in the event of a failure?

Yes Kubota Recommends Installing both the Transmission Kit {K3111-98060} and the Reserve Tank Kit {K3111-98600}.



answered by BLK on 1/13/2014
Q: What oil do I use in the Disc Modules?

Messick's uses 80W90 GL4 or GL5.

answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
Q: How much oil is in the Disc Modules?

They hold approximately 10 OZ of oil.

answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
Q: How often should I change the oil in the modules?

 Every 300 hours or yearly, which ever comes first.

answered by BLK on 11/19/2014
Q: Can I put a Shock Pro Hub on the drive modules?

 No. Shock Pro can not be used on the drive modules.

answered by BLK on 11/19/2014