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We offer a line of heavy duty tractors for heavy duty chores. Learn all about what Case IH, New Holland & Kubota have to offer.

Kubota M7060 Walk Around and Review

75 horse utility tractors are really popular products for us. It falls into the right size and the right niche that you can find a lot of customers with a lot of different needs for a machine of this size.

Kubota M5660 Walk Around and Review

We're here today with a Kubota M5660 Utility Tractor. Hard to imagine now but we've been doing tractor walk-arounds for almost a year and we're still not the whole way through the product line. It just show you something about the incredible variety of the machines that are in the Kubota product line. This M series machine is considered an Economy Special Utility Tractor. We're going to walk around in here and point out some of the things that make it a little bit different from its more deluxe brethren, and the 6060 and the 7060, and show you some of the good applications that you might be able to find for this machine.

Kubota M7 Standard VS. Premium

We're out today with two of Kubota M7 series tractors a 171 premium KBT and a 151 standard. We're going to go around both of these tractors here and show you some of the differences in features of what exactly makes a standard tractor standard and a premium tractor premium. When we get into the world of agricultural tractors there's a lot of differences between models and when we've gone through compact tractors and utility tractors and other models

Kubota M5L-111 Overview and Walk-Around

One of the things you cannot miss about this machine is the profile of it. You can see as I stand here beside it, this is a much lower tractor that you typically would find in a 111 horsepower machine. You can also notice the huge set of tires that are on this machine here in the front and the back. These tractors are typically sold into two unique applications a one that is in the orchards where they need a load machine to get underneath the low branches and also into poultry and chicken houses where they're typically dealing with lower height rubes, they need a high horsepower machine that they can fit inside the barn.

New Holland Workmaster Series Tractor Overview

The Workmaster Series Tractor comes in three models, a 50, a 60 and 70 horsepower tractor. They're available in four-wheel drive, as you can see in this model, and a two-wheel drive model. They're all going to be an open station tractor. This is a great utility tractor. It's also a very economically priced tractor for what you get. You can equip it with a front end loader, like this one with be mounts on, or you can get it without that.

New Holland T4.75 Powerstar Product Review

Today, I'd like to introduce to you the New Holland Power Star 4.75 tractor. This is a utility tractor in the New Holland offering. This is 75 horsepower gross engine.

Who Would Buy A 2WD Tractor?

Today we're going to have a conversation about why somebody might actually consider, in 2019, buying a two-wheel drive tractor. Many guys have the impression that as the tractor industry has grown and companies come out with new models that the complexity of this stuff only grows and grows and grows and in order to find an inexpensive tractor, you have to go to a company importing something from overseas or from India or a place like that and it. 

Understanding Tractor Horsepower. Gross \ Net \ PTO \ Drawbar

Today's short conversation is going to be about horsepower and all the varying standards that exist that are a little bit confusing. 

Hay Bale Handling for Consumers. How big of a tractor? What spear is best?

Neil from Messicks here today to have a quick conversation with you about hay bales, and specifically the weights of bales and the efficient ways in order to handle them. Can really have this conversation with two different groups of people, both the producers of hay bales and the consumers of them. This video is really going to be geared towards the consumer of the bale itself, so I'm going to walk through here with you a little bit and tell you how to handle these things around your farm. 

Adding a skid steer quick connector to an old tractor

Today's short conversation is going to be about the process that it takes to take an older tractor that has a pin on bucket on the loader and install a skid steer quick coupler

Meyer CrossFire SXR500 Manure Spreader Demo

We're out here today with a Meyer CrossFire, and the model is an SXR500 which would mean 500 bushels heaped. A little more precise would be 324 cubic feet struck. It's 540 PTO drive, a chain drive in the front, driving two augers in the bottom, going to the rear discharging at the rear, and then a top auger that's keeping your load level. 

New Kubota M8 is Finally Here

The Kubota M8 is their new biggest tractor. By big, it's much bigger than most of the other Kubotas in very big ways. 100-gallon fuel tank, 6.7 liter Cummins engine. This is a big machine. We're going to take some time and walk you around here today to show you some of its features and construction.

Alamo Mantis Highway Mower and More

Why did Alamo make something so crazy-looking?

More Lawsuits over John Deere's 303 Hydraulic Oil

Another lawsuit here has just been settled here where the defendant in this case, Smittys whoever they are used transformer oil, line wash oil, and other waste oil products in order to manufacture 303. They were actually draining the oil out of electrical transformers, collecting and buying up all of this waste oil, taking the oils that are used to purge the lines in the refineries at the end of a production cycle and remixing that and bottling it into 303. So what was in that pail was filled with impurities and additives that were completely not the specification of what 303 was actually supposed to be.

New P2185 Air Drill from New Holland

We're excited here today to introduce you the new New Holland P 2185 air drill. This is a sneak peek of this that we just got in here and we're going to walk around this drill and show you the new product improvements that we have on the new P 2185. We're here at our row opener unit. We have a parallel linkage design. We're going to start back here at our closing unit. We have our closing wheel, which can go from a 0.5 to a 13 degree angle of attack to close in some of the most difficult soils. We have 59 pounds through 84 pounds of down pressure that we can adjust on this wheel. And also this wheel can be adjusted at an angle now, which is brand new. We can slightly offset this closing disc with four positions to close it, even some of the most stickiest or hardest clay type soils. Up towards the front of the row unit. We have a new scraper design with a hardened scraper, and it will clean and stick to the scraper even more to wipe that trash off. The seed tube is a forward facing seed tube so we're forcing that seed in the front of the trench eliminating any bounce so it sticks when it hits so we don't have any need for any seed placement wheel.

What to consider when choosing a spreader Pikrite Spreader at Weaver Family Farm in Hershey, PA

The video that you're going to see here while I'm talking is from Weaver Family Farms here in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They recently picked up a new Pikrite Spreader from us, a really impressive large machine. We're going to talk a little bit here today about spreaders. If you're shopping for one, some of the things that you might want to look at to make sure you're buying the right machine for your farm. The most important consideration if you're buying a spreader is the way that it lays the material down on the ground. You're going to look for a nice even discharge of the material being thrown out the back of the spreader, right? If you're going out as throwing out clumps, for example, you can overapply in certain areas, you can kill the crop that's trying to come up underneath of it.

DEF problems What is the DEF header and how its been improved.

This is a DEF header, and this part is responsible for a lot of headaches in our shops throughout the last number of years. I'm going to show you here how a DEF header works, how the manufacturers have improved the construction of these things over the years. Hopefully we could take a little bit of education here today and prevent you from having trouble with your DEF equipped equipment. Now, while this thing looks pretty complicated, when you start breaking down its function there's actually a lot of simple parts here that you can understand within this one large assembly. This coil that comes down here through the yellow and the gray caps is a heating element.

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