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    Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
    Check Point 50 100 200 300 400 500 Interval Capacity
    Engine Oil Filter x x x x x x 100
    Engine Oil x x x x x x 100 2 qts
    Transmission Oil Filter x x x 300
    Transmission Fluid x x x 300 2.7 gal
    Front Axle Case Oil x x 300
    Fuel Filter x 500
    Air filter(replace) Yearly
    Fan Belt (adjust) x x x 100
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    Q: Where is my serial number
    Above RH side of front wheel on frame rail
    answered by mwi on 10/28/2013
    Q: My machine shuts off and hear clicking?
    Please check fuses, check relays, check fuel shut off solenoid, wiring connections and your key switch
    answered by mwi on 10/29/2013
    Q: Why is my Kubota parts book part number not recognized?

    Kubota parts book still uses their old number style #####-####-#. To get the number to cross to the new style; remove the second dash: #####-#####.  If problems still occur please call in

    answered by mwi on 4/10/2014
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    Steps to install the loader on a Kubota LA243 Front End Loader
    Mower Deck Removal
    Steps to remove RCK mower deck from BX Tractor.
    Loader Removal
    steps for removing the loader. This is an LA243, but the concepts apply to all BX Loaders.
    Mower Deck Removal
    Removing an RCK60B23BX mower deck from a BX series Kubota.
    How to install the mower
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