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Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
Check Point 50 200 400 Interval Capacity
Engine Oil x x x 200 3.3 qts
Engine Oil Filter x x x 200
Transmission Oil x 400 3.1 qts
Transmission Oil Filter x x 200
Fuel Filter 500 Uses 2
Air Filter Yearly
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Loader install
Steps to install the loader on a Kubota LA243 Front End Loader
Mower Deck Removal
Removing an RCK60B23BX mower deck from a BX series Kubota.
Compact Body
With an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor, the BX-Series tractors are easy to drive and can work smoothly even in tight spaces. The BX-Series' compact size also means they're gentle to the turf. But don't be fooled by their compact dimensions-these tractors are powerful and capable of handling a wide range of garden and yard needs.
Performance-matched Kubota Diesel Engines
The BX1870/BX2370/BX2670 are powered by rugged engines built by Kubota exclusively for the BX-Series. The BX1870 and BX2370 come with 18- and 23-horsepower diesel engines, while the BX2670 packs a new 25.5-horsepower diesel engine under the hood. All three engines are 3-cylinder workhorses that offer power unparalleled for tractors this size...more than enough muscle for all your gardening and mowing jobs.
Twin Worklights (Optional)
Mounted on the ROPS within easy reach from the seat, two optional twin work lights add more light to brighten and widen the work area illuminated by the two headlights. The work lights can be easily reversed to illuminate rear implement work.
Bright Halogen Headlights
The halogen headlights of the BX-Series provide clear, bright illumination when working and traveling at night.
Kubota's BXSeries' rugged and sturdy 4-wheel drive (4WD) provides powerful traction for the heavy-duty front-loader work and operating other implements.
Ground Clearance
The BX-Series provides plenty of ground clearance-9.0 inches for the BX1870, 8.7 inches for the BX2370/BX2670-to get you over rocks and other objects in your path.
Reverse Air Flow
On the BX-Series, the radiator is located in the middle of the tractor rather than at the front. Air is taken in from the operator area and pushed towards the front through the radiator. This reduces overheating, keeps grass from clogging the radiator grill, and prevents hot air from blowing on the operator.

Deluxe High-back Reclining Seat


BX-Series models* now come equipped with Kubota's deluxe seat with dual armrests to keep the operator comfortable even when the job is difficult. This fully adjustable high-back seat also features a reclining back and soft cushioning to support the back and legs.

*Except the BX1870

New Steering Wheel Position


The steering wheel on all BX-Series tractors has been repositioned to provide any operator with better steering control and greater comfort.

Hydraulic Power Steering
A standard feature on all BX-Series tractors, hydraulic power steering offers effortless control, thereby reducing operator stress and fatigue.
Versatile Category I 3-point Hitch
The BX-Series all feature a sturdy, hydraulically controlled Category I 3-point hitch that allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements.

Front Implement 4-position Control Valve

A front 4-position valve lets you quickly and easily attach a front loader and other front-mounted implements. The valve is easy to access but won't obstruct or impair the tractor's clean and sleek look. (Tractor can be ordered without valve.)

Quarter-inching Valve

With increments of one quarter inch at the lower link end, Kubota's quarter-inching valve provides easier implement control. The lever guide's regulator allows smaller adjustments, which are often required when attaching/detaching 3-point mounted implements or performing delicate jobs

Large Fuel Tank


You get more work done when you're not stopping frequently to refuel. The BX-Series' large 6.6 gallon fuel tank ensures that refueling operations don't hinder your work schedule.

Metal Hood/ Fenders

Strong and durable, the BX-Series' metal hood and fenders resist dings and dents, ensuring that your BX tractor continues to look good.

Spacious Operator Area

Operator comfort has been enhanced by a new, fully flat deck layout with the brake on the left side, providing more room for the feet. The new design also improves operability.

A. Fully-flat Floor & Large Legroom
B. New Left-side Brake Pedal
C. Hand Rail
D. Cup Holder
E. 12V DC Outlet
F. Deluxe Lever Guide
G.Tool Box (optional)

Easy to Read Meter Panel


A new control panel design enhances operability by placing all vital indicators on a single, easy to read panel. The new panel features a tachometer on the left and an LCD display for fuel level and coolant temperature on the right. Warning indicators for battery, headlights, turn signal, and low fuel are in the middle. With just a single glance, you get a complete picture of the tractor's functions.

Cruise Control


Cruise Control automatically maintains a constant speed, letting you take your foot off the forward pedal. It's the easy way

to mow large areas or travel long distances.

*optional on BX1870

Foldable ROPS

Foldable ROPS are standard equipment on all models to ensure operator safety on the job at all times.

Deluxe Lever Guide


The BX-Series tractors feature large angled lever guides, for hassle-free shifting, fast control lever recognition and easy operation.

12V DC Outlet


Charge your smart phone or cell phone with the built-in 12-volt socket.

2-pedal HST Operation


HST offers fast and smooth forward and reverse speed and direction changes via twin foot pedals that leave your hands free for steering and implement control.

Reversible Seat


When it time to switch from loading to back-hoeing, simply lift the reversible seat and swivel it to the back. The seat also can be adjusted forward and back for optimum operator comfort.

*Available only on the BX25D