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Most dealers are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and information reflect the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

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Recent Trades

Recent Trades

Kubota - SVL752HWC
Track Skid Steer Loader, 75HP Kubota Diesel Engine, Cab, Heat/AC, Radio, Suspension Seat, 15" Wide Tracks replaced less than 100 hours ago, Hydraulic Bucket Coupler, No Bucket, Vertical Boom w/119" Max Lift Height, Rated 3285lb Operating Load & 6570lb Tipping Load, 68.5" Outside Track Width, 82" Cab Height, 9315lb Operating Weight, 2016 Model Year, 3163 Hours. View Details
Craftsman - YT3000
21HP Gas Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, No Hour Meter, Two Bag Grass catcher, 42" Mower Deck View Details
Martin - Pallet Forks
Heavy Duty Pallet Fork Attachment, universal skid steer mount, rated 5500lb capacity, 48" length fork tines (one fork tine bent approx 1-1/2"), adjustable fork spacing, walk-thru style rear guard View Details
Kubota - SVL95-2SHFC
4222 hours, 2017 year, 96hp Kubota turbo diesel, two speed transmission, ISO pattern hydraulic pilot controls, e-z tilt deluxe cab w/heat & a/c, high-back suspension seat, fold-down lap-bar/armrests, front mounted instrument panel with gauges & diagnostics & service minder & programmable rate aux hydraulics feature, radio kit, hand & foot throttles, horn & back-up alarm, 2-front & 2-rear worklamps, multi-function controls w/14-pin electric attachment plug, 23gpm std-flow & 40gpm hi-flow aux hydraulics, loader-arm float mode, hydraulic bucket self-leveling, hydraulic bucket coupler, 84" hi-capacity dirt bucket w/teeth, 18" width rubber tracks approx 60%, vertical-lift boom design with 128.5" max lift height, rated 4570lb operating load & 9140lb tipping load, 77.2" overall width, 83.3" cab roof height, 11,574lb operating weight, Serial #36836 View Details
Claas - 900T
2018 model year 8 star tedder, 59" diameter rotors with 6 tines per rotor, 2 point hitch, 28''7” working width, hydraulic fold up, large fold down transport tires, 9' 9" transport width, 12' transport height View Details
Kubota - SSV65PHFRC
"Mid-Frame" Skid Steer Loader / 2022 year / Only 85 hours!, 64hp Kubota turbo diesel engine w/glow plugs / two speed transmission / ISO pattern pilot controls (premium hydraulic-over-hydraulic sealed system - not electronic joysticks!) / e-z tilt deluxe pressurized cab with heater/defroster, a/c & overhead entry door / hi-back suspension seat / fold down lap-bar/armrests / rearview mirror / front mounted instrument panel with gauges, diagnostics & service minder / deluxe handles w/multi-function controls & wire harness w/14-pin electric attachment plug / dial hand throttle & foot throttle / horn & back-up alarm / 2-front & 2-corner & 2-rear work lamps / proportional thumbwheel control of 18gpm std-flow & 28gpm hi-flow auxiliary hydraulics with connect-under-pressure flat-face couplers / hydraulic bucket self-leveling & cushioned boom shockless-ride pkg / hydraulic bucket coupler / bucket not included with base machine / premium 10x16.5 8ply foam filled tires / Am/FM/WB Radio/ long-reach vertical-lift boom design / rated 1950lb operating load & 3900lb tipping load / 121.5" max lift height / 66.5" overall width / 7055lb operating weight / Fuel/Emissions Systems Warranty until May 2027 or 3000 hours View Details
Kubota - MX5400HST
Repossession with only 65 hours. Full machine warranty until 6/2025, emissions 6/2028, Powertrain 6/2029. Very nice tractor. Loader with skid loader coupler, 72" bucket. R14 tires. Sheet metal straight. ENGINE: 57 HP 2.4L 4-cyl. Kubota V2403 turbo-charged Common Rail Direct Injection diesel engine, 60 Amp alternator, 650 CCA battery / EMISSIONS: Diesel particulate filter (DPF), Requires regen. / HYDRAULICS, HITCH, DRAWBAR: Open center gear pump, Max. flow @ 2700 RPM - 4.9 gpm Power steering, 9.5 gpm Implement flow, 14.4 gpm Total flow / REMOTE VALVES: 1 float with detent valve / 3-PT. HITCH & DRAWBAR: CAT I/II 3-pt. hitch (2,870-lb. @ lift points, 2,310-lb. @ 24" behind), Telescoping lower links and stabilizers / PTO: Live-independent hyd. PTO, 540 RPM PTO @ 2700 engine RPM / FRONT AXLE: Hydrostatic power steering, 4WD: Cast Iron, Bevel Gear / TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic drive, 3-Range (low, medium, high), Cruise control, Mechanical wet disc brakes, Left-side brake pedals, Rear diff lock / FLUIDS: 11.9 gal Fuel tank, 6.9 qt Cooling system, 7.4 qt Crankcase w. filter, 11.6 gal Transmission and hydraulics / INSTRUMENTS: Tachometer/hour meter, Fuel gauge, Coolant temperature meter, Warning symbols / LIGHTING: 2 Headlights, 2 Tail lights, 2 Hazard/flasher lights w. turn signals, 2 Front work lights View Details
Krone - SW 38
9' 9" Single Rotor Rake, 12' 6" Working Width, 3 Point Hitch, Folding Tine Arms, Tandem Axle! Parts were robbed, needs whole PTO, multiple tines and a wheel. View Details
Krone - SW 38
9' 9" Single Rotor Rake, 12' 6" Working Width, 2 Point Hitch, Folding Tine Arms, Tandem Axle, windrow curtain, a few tines are could be replaced View Details
Kubota - SSV75PHC
1041 hours, 2017 year, 74hp Kubota turbo diesel, two speed transmission, ISO pattern hydraulic pilot controls, deluxe cab with heat & a/c, hand & foot throttles, suspension seat, rearview mirror, six worklamps, 20.9gpm aux hydraulics, hydraulic bucket coupler, bucket not included, NEW 12x16.5 tires just installed, vertical lift boom design rated 2690lb operating load & 5380lb tipping load, 128" max lift height, 71.8" outside tire width, 81.3" cab roof height, 8422lb operating weight, Serial #21888 View Details

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