Utility Vehicles

If your just getting the mail, or hauling a heavy load, we've got a utility vehicle to suit your needs.

How to make your equipment last.

Neil from Messick's here. I have to talk to you today about a very special and interesting Kubota RTV that we just traded in. This guy has a whopping 7,386 hours on it. We're going to talk just a little bit today about how long you can expect equipment to last and some of the things that you should be able to do in order to help it get these really high hour numbers. When we're talking with customers, people often approach a piece of equipment and ask specifically, "How long is the engine going to last?" In a modern piece of equipment, the engine more often than not is usually not the limiting factor and how long a piece of machine really will hold up. 

Kubota 2018 new product introductions

We're back now from the Annual Kubota Dealer Meeting. This is the time of year here every October where a big meeting is held for the introduction of new products, new business initiatives, and those kinds of things. This year it was held in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Kubota RTV-x1100 Review

Kubota has been the leader in the diesel utility vehicle space here for nearly ten 10 years, commanding a vast majority of the market. This machine is a lot different than a lot of the other machines that you'll find out there, and Kubota has made a lot of improvements here for this latest iteration of this machine. Let's take a quick look.