Equipment Basics

Helping you understand basic terminolgy, and the application of different features

What to do when you run out of fuel?

today, we're not going to talk specifics of who the operator was in this particular circumstance. I think we all can relate to being out, trying to get some work done, and pushing up to the very last minute thinking you've got enough vapor down here in the tank in order to get the job done. Today, that didn't work out so well for that individual. He was out here and got about three-quarters of his job done before he realized that that fuel gauge was actually accurate.

TESTED | How the wrong implement affects your lift capacity

Neil from Messicks here today. We're outside with the Kubota BX Series tractor, the load cell hooked to the bottom of it down here. We're going to go through and give you a couple of examples today of why it's important to properly size the duty of your implements to your tractor's loader. The setup that we have out here today is a tire that I've buried about six or eight feet down there underground attached a chain to it and then put this 3,000-pound load cell here in the middle. This is then chained up around our loader.

New tractor owner ORIENTATION VIDEO

Today we're outside with the Kubota Standard L Series tractor. I'm going to take a couple of minutes and go through a new owner introduction on this tractor. We've done a lot of videos on feature, function, benefit type stuff, and shown how machines work, but there is a particular process that we walk through in conversation that we have with everybody who's buying a tractor for the first time. I'm going to take a couple of minutes here and go around this tractor and show you all the controls, how to operate it.

Is there a proper engine RPM for loader work?

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three-Minute Thursday. Today's short conversation is going to be about your tractor's hydraulic system and the way that it builds pressure.

How NOT to break your loader while back dragging

Neil from Messick’s here out today to show you a quick demonstration on the proper technique to back drag with your loader. I’ve frequently seen guys doing this wrong. If you don't approach your pile and back drag in a right way, you can do some quick damage to your loader. I’m going to walk you through that here today.


Today, we're going to go through our third filter cutting that we've done using a new Holland oil filter. This would be the most common oil filter in the new Holland system. Then we're intentionally choosing a really inexpensive filter to compare it to this time

Tips for loading and hauling your equipment

Today we're going to do a video to show you some of the pitfalls that you can watch out for when hauling your tractor on a trailer. The amount of improperly loaded and overloaded trailers that you'll see with equipment on it is shockingly and unfortunately common. One thing's that guys often do wrong when they're sizing their trailer to their equipment is not calculating the GVW properly


Today, we're out in the parking lot with a Kubota BX series tractor. We're going to go through the steps of taking the mower deck on and off the machine and show you how to install and remove the non-drive over version of the Kubota BX deck. This process is relatively the same on all BX series tractors, whether you're looking at the new 80 series or one of the prior models that have been built over the last 15 years or so.

HORSEPOWER VS TORQUE - New Holland T8.420 vs A Ford Explorer???

Today, we're outside with my 2013 Ford Explorer and this New Holland 2013 T8.420. Interestingly enough, my car here is 365 horsepower. There's tractor nets out at 367, just two horsepower apart from each other.

6 Tips to prevent emissions system trouble

Neil from Messick’s, here to give you six different preventative measures that you can take on your tier four emissions compliant tractor to avoid having unnecessary problems. There's no doubt if you hop on the internet and read message boards and stuff for equipment, you'll find a lot of guys running into problems with emission systems. By large, from the dealership perspective, we have had problems with this stuff, but it has not been overwhelming problems. 

How to make your equipment last.

Neil from Messick's here. I have to talk to you today about a very special and interesting Kubota RTV that we just traded in. This guy has a whopping 7,386 hours on it. We're going to talk just a little bit today about how long you can expect equipment to last and some of the things that you should be able to do in order to help it get these really high hour numbers. When we're talking with customers, people often approach a piece of equipment and ask specifically, "How long is the engine going to last?" In a modern piece of equipment, the engine more often than not is usually not the limiting factor and how long a piece of machine really will hold up. 

A hydraulic fluid so bad, its been banned!

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three-Minute Thursday. Today's short conversation is going to be about a recent news article that I came across referencing a discontinued hydraulic oil from 1974 that you'll still find on store shelves today. 

*New* Tractor Tire Option. R14 from Goodyear \ Titan Tire

Neil from Messick's here, with one of the new 2019 Kubota B2601 tractors, sporting a new set of tires. This is the R14 that just came out here from Goodyear Titan. We're going to take you around this tractor here today, talk about these tires a little bit, and maybe find out if it might be a good selection for you. 

TESTED - Surprising traction differences between R4 \\ R14 \\ Bar-Turf

Neil from Messick's here today out on a beautiful spring day to do some tire testing for you. We're going to bring down three of Kubota's B Series tractors, one with R4 tires, one with the new R14 and one with this hybrid zig-zag pattern I've had for a while, hook them up to the load cell and measure exactly what the tractive difference is between these tire options. 

TESTED - Turf VS. R4 - Snow Traction

We very frequently hear from customers how well turf tires can perform in the snow and something you wouldn't necessarily expect because of them not cleaning out so well. We're going to actually put some numbers to that here today

Tractor Tire Inflation Tips

Neil from Messick's here. Today is Three-Minute Thursday. Today we're going to have a short conversation about the tire pressure ratings on tractors. 

Common Operation Mistakes with Loaders on Tractors

Neil from Messick's here today, out to run through eight different mistakes that I see guys make when operating a front loader. The very first of our front loader mistakes is the way that we approach a pile of dirt. When you have your front loader bucket on from the tractor seat, it's often fairly challenging to be able to look down and know the exact orientation of that bucket and whether the floor of it, the bottom of the bucket, is level as you're approaching your pile. 

Avoid Amazon and SAVE money on equipment parts

Neil from Messick's here. Today is Three-Minute Thursday. Today's Three-Minute Thursday, we're going to have a short conversation about What kind of things might be good to buy there and what things you might want to avoid. 

Kubota BX-Series 3pt hitch installation

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three Minute Thursday. Today I'm going to take a couple of minutes to show you how to put a three-point hitch kit onto the back of your BX tractor. 

TOP 5 BEST Accessories for your Tractor

Neil from Messick's here to talk through with you on the top five tractor accessories. Tractors are both tools and toys for a lot of us, and there's nothing more fun than accessorizing your toys. The stock lighting packages on most tractors are usually pretty inadequate, and you're going to find that if you have a loader on your machine, the headlights don't help that at all because when you bring your loader up, the loader is going to cover the headlights. Some kind of work light is a good idea on a lot of tractors. 

Understanding Tractor Horsepower. Gross \ Net \ PTO \ Drawbar

Today's short conversation is going to be about horsepower and all the varying standards that exist that are a little bit confusing. 

Who Would Buy A 2WD Tractor?

Today we're going to have a conversation about why somebody might actually consider, in 2019, buying a two-wheel drive tractor. Many guys have the impression that as the tractor industry has grown and companies come out with new models that the complexity of this stuff only grows and grows and grows and in order to find an inexpensive tractor, you have to go to a company importing something from overseas or from India or a place like that and it. 

Unexpected uses for a 3 point quick hitch | LandPride QH05

Neil from Messick's here. Today, to talk to you a little bit about a three-point quick hitch for the back of your tractor. Nearly 500 videos on YouTube now, believe it or not, and in several of them, I've actually bad mouth these things a little bit. The dealership side, they cause us a little bit of frustration sometimes because industry standards between these quick hitches and your implements are not strictly defined. There's a lot of implements these quick hitches don't work well with. That gives us sometimes a little bit of a bad taste for them. 

Get your Tractor out of the mud using your Front Loader

Today, I'm going to show you how to get your tractor unstuck from the mud using your load or there's a little technique that you can do to help get that tractor out on your own, without needing another machine in order to tow you out 

How to Level a Mower Deck

Mower deck that's out of level can cause a whole host of cutting problems and performance issues. Generally, when a mower deck is out of level, you'll generally see that your one side of your cut is just a little bit higher than what the other side would be, leaving that step at the end of your deck. If you go through a couple steps here with me today we can eliminate that problem, make sure your tractors performing as well as possible. 

Choosing The Right Skid Loader Bucket

You can look around down here and it feels like, my goodness, you can buy a bucket in every shape and size with a surprising amount of features anymore actually. We're going to walk through the buckets down here and reference this guide from Virnig. This is the ultimate guide to skid steer buckets. We'll put a link to it here down below if you want to check it out yourself. 

Secondary or Safety Air Filters on Kubota Engines. Specific to BX and Standard L-Series

These tractors from the factory will have single stage air filter boxes on them and if you go to parts some other product lines that Kubota has, you can actually add a secondary air cleaner inside of the primary one to help protect your engine.

Kubota BX-series Transmission A Look Inside

Today we've got a BX that that has transmission issues. We're going to let you peek inside, take a look at what happens inside a transmission. This video is by no means instructional, it's just to give you a point of view and take a peek inside a transmission and let you see what's going on inside.

Understanding Three Point Hitch Classes

As you work through a tractor spec sheet you're going to notice a section on there that's going to have the category of the three-point hitch of a tractor. What that category is telling you is the size implements that are really made for the back of that machine.

5 Most Common Compact Tractor Attachments

I'm here today do a quick explanation for you today of the top five implements that are typically sold with the compact tractor. Tractors themselves are after all tool carriers and most or every tractor is sold with at least two or more implements. We're going to show you some of the most common ones that are typically sold with new machines.

MSRP vs retail pricing. How do you know whats a good deal

I personally frequent internet message boards and Facebook groups for tractor owners and buyers, and one of the things I frequently see done is guys taking a look at what a company's MSRP is and the quote that they were given, and trying to work through that to figure out if they're getting a good deal or not. Now, frequently you'll see guys saying, "If you're buying tractor brand X and you're getting 12% off, you're doing pretty well." And from our seat, that seems a little silly sometimes.

Shady Internet Tractor Package Deals

It's Thursday. We're going to put three minutes on the clock down here, and answer the question for you today, why are internet package deals for tractors a bit of a scam?

The WORST MISTAKE a new tractor owner can make (modding ROPS)

‚ÄčOne of the most cringe-inducing things that we see a new tractor owner do is to modify their roll bar in some way. Oftentimes, guys get the idea that they want to put lights up on the ROPS or a nice bright light bar across the top or put a toolbox or something back around the side over here. People can come up with all kinds of things that they would like to attach onto this structure.

New Holland WorkMaster Safety, Operation Service

Hello, this is Brian Messick with Messick farm equipment and I'd like to introduce you to the New Holland WorkMaster 70 tractor. We will be going over three portions of this tractor. We will talk about general maintenance of the tractor, we will talk about operation of the tractor and we will talk about the safety features that this tractor has to offer.

Understanding rear hydraulic remotes

You may look in the back of the tractor and see a rear hydraulic outlet and assume that they're all the same, and really that couldn't be further from the truth.

Tractor Package Deals. Are they really a good deal?

One of the things that annoys us when we go and we see these internet package deals is that oftentimes these packages aren't necessarily great values for the customer in the end

Understanding 3pt hitch categories

So as you work through a tractor spec sheet, you're gonna notice a section on there that's gonna have the category of the three-point hitch of a tractor. What that category is telling you is the size implements that are really made for the back of that machine. Smaller category numbers, zero or one, are typically gonna be your smallest implements, and as you work in the larger categories, you're gonna go to bigger, heavier implements. And what that category is telling you is the size of the ball that's back here on the three-point hitch. And these run anywhere between about five-eighths pins up to full 2 inch pins for the largest tractors that we sell. And as you move up through these categories, the pins are gonna get bigger, and thus the implements are gonna get larger, and the linkage that's attached to the back of the tractor is gonna be heavier as well to support those bigger, heavier implements. So, the category of a three-point hitch is really very simply referring to the size of these balls on the back and the size of the pins that go into them.

Kubota BX-series Filter Kit and Service Overview (*NEW* BX 80 series)

Today we're going to go over servicing a BX series tractor. Kubota has gone the extra-mile put all the filters we're going to need inside this box. We're going to un-box this, show you all the filters that it comes with, show you where they go on your BX tractor. All right. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to un-box it. We'll open up the box, take a look and see what's inside. The first thing we're going to pull out, we got two fuel filters.